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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

This recipe is a Work In Progress.

It might be amazing, but it's creator doesn't think it's finished yet.

Caramel Apple Pie Tobacco (Capt.) blend with a touch of cream and bourbon to round things out.

The apple pie consists of CAP Fuji Apple, FA Apple Pie, JF Dulce de Leche, and FLV Rich Cinnamon (one drop per 10mL).

The tobacco blend is an all FLV mix . . . Red Burley, Virginia Tobacco, and Kentucky Blend.

Added a touch of FLV Cream and FLV Bourbon to act as a bridge between the apple pie and tobaccos. The slight suggestion of booze from the bourbon has this flavor profile leaning towards an apple pie moonshine. Got me to thinking about fall weather sitting around a campfire sipping moonshine from a jar (Mason).

Off the SNV this is a great mix . . . will update after a steep and, possibly, slightly bringing the caramel and bourbon notes a little more forward in the mix. As of now, I'm enjoying this immensely!

Yes . . . those percentages are a bit high (understatement) . . . but I'll be damned if this isn't one fine apple tobacco vape. After a short 7 day steep, this is truly magnificent! Dropped JF Dulce de Leche for FA Caramel and threw some FLV Cured into the mix.. I also doubled the percentage of FLV Bourbon. This is the juice I reach for when I get home to wind down from a hectic day (e.g. 26 4th graders in an inclusion classroom). I mix this 60vg/40pg and load it into a solid MTL tank (EVL Reaper). Definitely a recipe I will return to when this 30 runs out.

Derived from Capt. Mason by LonesomeRhodesTN.
% Vendor Flavor
(FA) Apple Pie
(FLV) Bourbon
(FA) Carmel (caramel)
(FLV) Cream
(FLV) Cured Tobacco
(CAP) Fuji Apple
(FLV) Kentucky Blend
(FLV) Red Burley
(FLV) Rich Cinnamon
(FLV) Virginia Tobacco
Total flavoring: 15.2% Steep Days: 7 (SNV) Best VG: 60% Temperature: 0
This recipe is the property of LonesomeRhodesTN and released under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator.
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