SC Lemon is a natural bright zesty lemon perfect for this pudding/custard bakery profile. I’m combing it here with FLV Vanilla Pudding and CAP Vanilla Custard for a smooth, velvety rich texture with lots of creamy body and mouth feel.

For the bakery note I’m using INW Biscuit backed up with a little INW yes we cheesecake to kind of pull all 3 layers together .

Sweeten to Taste

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Created: February 20, 2021 (5 months ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(INW) Biscuit
(FE) Lemon
(CAP) Vanilla Custard
(FLV) Vanilla Pudding
(INW) Yes, We Cheesecake
Total flavoring: 10.0% Steep Days: 7 Best VG: 80% Temperature: 0
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User: Beansr Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
Im on day 5 and im rather enjoying this mix... and i gave you a follow on yt 👍