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A rich caramel custard cheesecake.

The cheesecake base is made up of inawera's yes, we cheesecake. 3.5% makes a sturdy base to build off adding in flavorahs cream and brie cheese adds some extra cheesey and dairy notes to the cheesecake, trying to accomplish a more up market variation. Caps graham cracker i find stands out more than the others and lifts the crust notes in yes, we cheesecake.
Fa's whipped cream is rich and had a slightly fluffyish mouthfeel with vta creme brulee giving off some pudding and custard aswel as some caramel notes we now start making head way on the topnotes. Jf dulce de leche is the most accurate of the bunch and is pretty present at 2% combined with ssa butterscotch to enphasise it abit more.
If you like cheesecakes this ones well worth a try

Created: January 20, 2021 (6 months ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(FLV) Brie Cheese
(SSA) Butterscotch
(FLV) Cream
(FA) Cream Whipped
(VT) Creme Caramel
(JF) Dulce De Leche
(CAP) Graham Cracker
(INW) Yes, We Cheesecake
Total flavoring: 14.25% Steep Days: 7 Best VG: 70% Temperature: 0
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This looks interesting I will give it a mix up when I get some free time and report back mate. Keep up the good work 👍🏻