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Sweet Strawberry and Kiwi mingled into one nice Hard Candy! I made this mix on a whim, and after a few adjustments, I've been in love with it since.

Tested on a Cthulu 1928 MTL RDA / Pasito Pod RBA 15w 6 wraps 2mm 25mg/mL Nicotine


FA Kiwi - I found this to be a wonderful sweet kiwi flavour. It ended up really mixing in well with CAP Sweet Strawberry and made for a delicious mix on its own, but I wanted to take it up a notch.

CAP Sweet Strawberry & FLV Alpine Strawberry - I've found that these two strawberries are AMAZING in pod / MTL devices. Seriously, if you have these flavours and are a Pod / MTL user, give it a try in any type of mix. These two also mixed very well with FA Kiwi, and laid down the foundation for the mix.

FW Hard Candy - This is a pretty weird flavour to work with, and I had to tinker with it a touch to actually get where I wanted it to be. This brings in a hard candy element that tones down a lot of the more natural notes that come in from FLV Alpine Strawberry, and bring an overall sweetness to the mix.

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Created: May 10, 2020 (about 1 year ago)

Recipes inspired by this one: Sexical (POD / MTL) by nowar |
% Vendor Flavor
(FLV) Alpine Strawberry
(FW) Hard Candy
(FA) Kiwi
(CAP) Super Sweet
(CAP) Sweet Strawberry
Total flavoring: 8.5% Steep Days: 0 (SNV) Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
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User: nowar Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This is a great recipe. If i had any criticism it would be that I'm just not a fan of the Kiwis. So this one came through as mostly kiwi with a sweet slight berry back. Cap Sw SB is another one of my less favorite SB's so this one wasnt for me. Presented very well in my pasito, which was all really wanted. i could see this being an adv for anyone on a pod that wants a light fruity candy mix. Thanks for the inspiration, Hex.
User: BigOs Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Great use of Hard Candy, 100ml sat on my shelf for ever!!! Tastes good off the shake, 👌