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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

Although I'm sharing this recipe, it was not my idea, but ID10-T's. However, he insisted that it's more my recipe than his and that I should share it. My only contribution was letting him know of a flavour order I made for a bunch of Mango concentrates we were discussing, along with FLV Cranberry and CAP Lemon Lime to try out his 1-2-3 Cranberry Sprite recipe. By doing so, it gave the Mango Man himself an idea - swapping out the FLV Cranberry with FLV Mango, to create 1-2-3 Mango Sprite...and it didn't disappoint. The Mango/Lemon/Lime combo works wonders.

Another great example of simple, yet effective! Definitely something that can be tweaked/built upon to make it even more amazing e.g. INW Cactus/FA Pear to add some juiciness and WS-23 and/or Polar Blast because fizzy drinks should be enjoyed cold. Perhaps some sweetener, if desired.

Derived from 1-2-3 Cranberry Sprite by ID10-T.
% Vendor Flavor
(VT) Fizzy Sherbet
(CAP) Lemon Lime
(FLV) Mango
Total flavoring: 6.0% Steep Days: 1 (SNV) Best VG: 70% Temperature: 0
This recipe is the property of RushG93 and released under the CC Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator.
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User: CriticalVape Score: 5 Entered: 10 months ago
Great recipe. Simple and satisfying. Well done to all who participated. This is the kind of recipe that should be highlighted for new mixers. Set apart from the rest as a guaranteed winner with commercial viability so they can jump right into DIY. This js a great blank canvas. I added super sweet but definitely not necessary. Part of me wants to add FLV Citrus Soda or some MB Red Cherry and WS-23, perhaps. Possibilities.....a great vape with endless customizable options to suit any taste.
User: Illegal_Immigrant Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
No, this does not disappoint. Just off the shake, it's delicious. I was tempted to add a bit more Mango, but I'm afraid it would ruin the balance between the Lemon Lime and Mango. I see the other two reviewers added sweetener to it. I may try that, but I'm not sure it even needs it, it's pretty sweet as is. This is really tasty! Thanks!
User: toprod Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
This is very nice simple recipe i added 0.5% super sweet and 0.5% WS23 overnight steep delicious . Thanks for sharing 5 stars from me.
User: NordicFlavours Score: 5 Entered: 11 months ago
This is actually pretty neat! FLV Mango and CAP Lemon Lime does go very well together. There's no BS with this recipe and I love it. You get what's on the label. For a 30ML I added 2 drops of CAP Super Sweet to make it just a little bit more poppin'. easy simpel delicious recipe. Oh and if Mr. Bellows says it's yours, then it's yours.