Tropical, sweet & creamy. Mango & Soursop (aka Charamoya or Guanabana) makes a great tropical blend. FLV Guanabana is the main Charamoya flavor of this recipe, WF Charamoya brings out a different side of it so they mjx well. My favorite mango is probably WF Island Mango so I picked it (I also may add a touch of Cap Sweet Mango to it, very good but more realistic taste. It's almost like mango skin, it's best in smaller percentages.) I've tried adding creams in this recipe, because Guanabana is a creamy fruit, but most creams didnt taste right in this mix, so instead I went with Fruit Smoothie. I think it worked good as a background in this. I added Golden Pineapple to help the Guanabana pop (Guanabana sort of has a banana
/pineapple taste to it). I like this one so far.

This is the first recipe I've posted on here. If you've never tried FLV Guanabana (Ive always called it the real fruit, a Charamoya), I really recommend it. Great flavor for the summer!
Feedback appreciated. Enjoy

Created: July 30, 2019 (about 2 years ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(WF) Cherimoya SC
(TPA) Fruit Smoothie
(CAP) Golden Pineapple
(FLV) Guanabana
(WF) Island Mango
(CAP) Super Sweet
Total flavoring: 12.5% Steep Days: 0 (SNV) Best VG: 70% Temperature: 0
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This is really good after a night steep. You can tell it needs to simmer down because it's a little throaty to start off but the flavor is amazing. This is a really unique, tropical blend. You did a good job. I'll update if it changes lol Edit: This is my favorite recipe using guanabana ever Edit:I usually prefer my own recipes. This is one of my favorites I've ever tried Edit edit this is INSANELY good