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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

This recipe is a Work In Progress.

It might be amazing, but it's creator doesn't think it's finished yet.

Riding the 1-2-3 train. Wonder how this will work.

I want Pudding. I want Pink to taste pink. Do you?

% Vendor Flavor
(FLV) Cream
(FA) Juicy Strawberry
(FLV) Vanilla Pudding
Total flavoring: 6.0% Steep Days: 3 (SNV) Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
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User: AutomaticFailure Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
I was actually surprised by this recipe. So simple yet so smooth and nice. As someone who has a tough time with strawberries, I can actually taste something, even if a little starbursty. Sadly, after the first vape or so, I can no longer get strawberry but I do get a nice thick pudding, so it's still a win for me. Like ID10-T said, I need to play with this combo and mix other 2%-ers in here.
User: ID10-T Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This is terrific for such a simple recipe, just FLV Vanilla Pudding with enough strawberry to make it taste pink and both the added weight and emulsifying from the FLV Cream perfecting it. I’m definitely going to borrow this concise 3% Vanilla Pudding + 1% Cream + 2% something else format to try mixing up some more 1-2-3 puddings.