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Created By: colbycurtis
Added On: 05/06/24
Published On: 05/19/24
Updated On: 05/19/24

I just mixed this and while its impossible to make a perfect clone it's pretty close from what I remember, maybe 90% there. we will see how it steeps. Depending how it steeps out I may add a very small amount of FA Meringue. But right now on shake and vape it doesn't need it.

TPA Coconut Candy (1%):

Provides a distinct coconut candy/dessert flavor

Adds sweetness and brings out the candied notes

Gives a bakery/confectionery quality to the coconut profile

FA Coco' (Coconut) (2%):

Delivers an authentic, natural coconut flavor

Acts as the main coconut base for the recipe

Balances out the sweeter/candied coconut notes

FLV Sweet Coconut (2.25%):

Contributes a rich, sweet, and candied coconut taste

Enhances the overall sweetness and dessert-like coconut notes

Complements and layers with the other coconut flavors

FLV Milk & Honey (1%):

Adds a creamy, rich milk base to the recipe

The honey note complements the coconut flavors

Helps provide a smooth, velvety mouthfeel

CAP Super Sweet (.70%):

Boosts the overall sweetness of the recipe

Balances and blends the sweet coconut notes

Rounds out and enhances the dessert-like quality

WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream (2%):

Brings a rich, creamy vanilla flavor with distinctive Tahitian notes

Adds depth and complexity to the cream base

The Tahitian vanilla complements the coconut flavors nicely

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.7
FLVMilk & Honey 1
FLVSweet Coconut 2.25
FWCake (yellow) 0.75
FACoco' (coconut) 2
TPACoconut Candy 1
WFTahitian Vanilla Cream 2
Conditioning Time: 10 Days Total Flavor:9.7%