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Created By: mixman
Added On: 05/15/24
Published On: 05/15/24
Updated On: 05/15/24

Becasue the myth just won't die. Big ole whopperoonie, fake, never worked for me. Almost gave up on mixing. Tried ultra sonic cleaner, microwave, hot water baths, and a stir plate. Batches always came out bleh. Letting recipes just sit in a cool (not refrigerated) dark place JustWorks™ great for me. So glad I found folks that would steer me in the right direction.

Broke out old equipment after a discussion on diy_ejuice discord. Again. Will mix 10x 30ml of RY O RY in Glass boston rounds for this experiment. RY O RY is a delicious Vanilla Ruyan Cream and is great from the shake, but the profile changes from bacco to dessert in ~45 days. Let's see how it stands up to a taste test after revisiting these old myths.

Media to follow. Might even ask permission to post on Reddit.

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Flavoring Ingredients

HSFrench Vanilla Icecream 1
HSRY1 1.5
JFBavarian Cream 1
JFRY4 Double 1
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:4.5%