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Created By: Demonic_Mixer
Added On: 02/04/18
Published On: 02/04/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

This is a mexican rice milk with cinnamon and some fresh strawberries smashed up and thrown into the blender. The base here is TPA Horchata Smooth,which is a really good place to start with. CAP Graham Cracker has 2 purposes here.To get some thickness and to infuse a touch more cinnamon.The perfect ingredient for this kind of recipe imo TPA CGA brings some dairy notes and some body as well to the mix CAP VBIC here as to get some vanilla in there and to thicken up the horchata. FE Sweet rice guessed right,to get even more rice could pump it up to 4 or 5% if you prefer a more ricy taste Finally the Strawberry mix.Now this one is a classic 2014/15 combo which still works:why change a winning team? But feel free to use your favourite strawberry combo. Enjoy!

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