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Created By: ooooNaSuGamisoooo
Added On: 02/04/18
Published On: 02/04/18
Updated On: 04/03/22

(Coffe (INW) is Kawa (INW) NOT to be confused with Inawera Coffee. This one will have "Kawa" on the label, it is much milder, will have a very light brown color and can be used at higher % then their much stronger Coffee.

i added 3 drops Super Sweet (CAP) @ 30ml Livε Mixεd @ Vape Alchεmists Discord Channεl 04/Fεbruary/2018

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Flavoring Ingredients

FWHazelnut 0.7
FACream Fresh 0.4
INWCoffee 1.5
JFCookie 2
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:4.6%