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Created By: Zugmaschine
Added On: 09/02/17
Published On: 09/02/17
Updated On: 05/08/23

Thick, ritch Vanilla Ice Cream, how i love it ....

-Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) is a very good, straight up Vanilla Ice Cream, but lacks a little in the milky aspect, why I add -Fresh Cream (FA). -Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) add`s also some creamyness and boost the Vanilla. -Madagascar Vanilla (FA) i add, to layer the Vanilla and make it richer.( Can be subbed with Shisha Vanilla (INW) )

-Steeping: After 7 Days is good. Best after 14 Days -Optional: Sweetener or EM. -Nicotin: Use your pref. strengh.

The Result is a delicious, rich, creamy Vanilla Ice Cream. I like to Vape it M2L in my Squape E, but is also nice by higher Watts.

I hope you ENJOY, like I do . (Pls. tell me what u think about.)

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Flavoring Ingredients

DFSHoly Vanilla 1.25
FACream Fresh 1
FAMadagascar (Vanilla Classic) 0.75
LBVanilla Ice Cream 6
Conditioning Time: 8 Days Total Flavor:9%