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Created By: ID10-T
Added On: 09/02/17
Published On: 09/02/17
Updated On: 05/08/23

A Popsicle made of Pickle Juice

Even with fall just around the corner, it can still get hot as Satan's balls down here in Texas and if you do any kind of outdoor activities, electrolytes will be lost. If you're desperate to put them back, nothing, not even Gatorate, works as well as one of Bob's Pickle Pops, the popsicle made of pickle juice.

All of this was built around OoO Pickle. Accurate as can be, but not a lot of fun to single-flavor test. Vaping pickle flavor is like drinking pickle juice. There's a world of difference in the experience of drinking warm (blech!), room temperature, or even refrigerated pickle juice versus the refreshment level of frozen pickle juice.

That's where WS-23 comes in, to make it freezing cold. Taste perception is subjective and response to cooling agents is possibly the most subjective thing in DIY, so feel free to increase if you like Malaysian juice or decrease if you're scared. Here's how I arrived at that odd-looking 1.55 %, though. Using too much coolant hurts, like getting a brain brain freeze from a Slurpee. But there's a thin blurry line between pleasure and pain -- consider the spiciest food you enjoy, or what orgasms sometimes sound like without words like "OHGOD! YES! YES, ID10-T, YES!" mingled in with the screams and moans to let you know she's dying the little death and not actually being murdered. I wanted to explore that, really ride that line. At 1.5%, WS-23 (in a 30% dilution, the way you can buy it from ECX or Chef's) wasn't close enough to being painful. 1.6% was over the line, just a little, just at first, until I got used to it. 1.55% makes me unsure whether I'm experiencing pleasure or pain. Like when you're done and she won't stop sucking. FWIW, I'm definitely more sensitive than most to Koolada, maybe that's also the case with me and WS-23 and you'll find this amount too tame for all this pleasure/pain nonsense. Regardless, it'll make your pickle into a pickle pop.

CAP Cucumber is there mostly to move it from a Best Maid or Vlasic pickle juice to something more Claussenesque, but it also gives it some welcome body, like freezing pickle juice gives you something to bite into. Similar to the pain/pleasure line, there's as much INW Cactus as I can put in here for extra juicy refreshment without it turning into a pickle-cactus recipe. No aloe in my pickle pop, please. Turns out OoO Pickle and a ton of WS-23 can take on quite a bit more than the 0.25% that would normally be my limit for this use of Cactus, but not quite a full double dose of it.

I owe a huge thank you to @ConcreteRiver for trying an earlier version of this via and suggesting the addition of FA Bitter Wizard. It keeps the very light garlic note in the OoO Pickle from mingling with the relatively sweeter elements in Cucumber and Cactus (and VG, for that matter) and taking on a touch of a sweet onion vibe.

Derived from Pickle Rick 2 by ID10-T

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCucumber 2.5
FABitter Wizard 0.3
INWCactus 0.4
OOOPickle 4
OTHRWS-23 1.55
Conditioning Time: 4 Days Total Flavor:8.75%