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Created By: Havohej
Added On: 08/29/17
Published On: 08/29/17
Updated On: 05/08/23


Lychee Blossom A vibrant and juicy lychee enveloping a blossom.

Steep time: Can be SnV'd after a real good shake, but best after 2-3 days. Wouldn't steep it too long as the mix isn't as good when FA Red touch inevitably fades.

Mixing notes: This mix initially came about me trying to get the most out of CAP Sweet Lychee instead of opting for another brand. I opted to start boosting lychee with other flavorings to see where I could take it:

Cap Sweet Lychee: While CAP Sweet Lychee isn't bad at all, it has obvious drawbacks. Not very juicy, and a floral offnote. At 4% it gives a solid base to this mix, but gives you some work to do..

FA Red Touch: At 3% this just gives a pink/red background to the vape and to fill in some of the gaps Sweet Lychee leaves.

TPA Dragonfruit: At 1% this boosts the brightness and makes the mix more vibrant.

TPA Honeysuckle: The turning point in the mix. The mix was shaping up to be a nice juicy Lychee but something had to be done about those floral/perfumey notes. Instead of fighting/hiding that I decided to add Honeysuckle to embrace those notes and tuck them into a hidden flower in the vape. At 1.5% it does just enough of that while leaving the mix a mainly Lychee profile.

FA Pear: After adding honeysuckle and changing the profile of the mix I felt like I needed another fruit to support the bottom of the flavor. Pear, commonly used as a fruit juice filler, worked perfectly and elevated the mix and gave it more dimension. Initially started at 2%, and it was good, but opted to lower it to 1.5% to let the rest of the mix come through more. Edit: Sigh I opted to up it back again to 2 from 1.5 but that is optional. Both versions are good just slightly different. If you'd prefer less lychee go for 2% otherwise drop it to 1.5%.

TPA Sweetener: My sweetener of choice. Just 0.75%(~3 drops per 10ml) to boost the sweetness of the fruits. Feel free to not use it but I like it more with.

Special thanks to ID10-T, Kopel, and CheebaSteeba for their valuable advice and for taking the time to test <3 Edit: Sept 19th, Reverted my recipe back to the old percentages (1% Dragonfruit vs 1.5%, 2% FA Pear vs 1.5%), so back to the initial version of the recipe.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSweet Lychee 4
FAPear 2
FARed Touch (strawberry) 3
TPADragonfruit 1
TPAHoneysuckle (pg) 1.5
TPASweetener 0.75
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:12.25%