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Created By: luadr
Added On: 07/31/17
Published On: 07/31/17
Updated On: 05/08/23

I’ve been trying to make an exquisite coffee recipe. I nailed it this time… at least for my taste! This is a creamy custard vape, with a vanilla accent where a strong Italian espresso shines. It makes a great ADV, both MTL and DTL, but it is just perfect to drip when you get home, seat on the couch with your feet up and drink a cup of coffee. For me, a custard is Cap Vanilla Custard. 6% is the right spot in this recipe. The Cap French Vanilla is there to enhance the vanilla accent. As a matter of fact, Vanilla Custard and French Vanilla are perfect friends. I love that Dulce de Leche and Butterscotch special sweetness. They work together very well. I used Cap Butter Cream and Cap Vanilla Whipped Cream to give the extra creaminess to the vape, as they help to extend the taste in your mouth. TPA Graham Cracker Clear gives some texture. I tried a few different coffees and Fa Espresso was the chosen one. It gives you that Italian strong espresso taste. It’s a strong flavor, at 1% it was too strong for me, so I went with 0,75%. I just wished it wasn’t so sweet. I tried a few different flavors to make a twist on the recipe. FA Hazelnut was the elected one. Believe me, at 0,5%, it makes a magic spell. The recipe’s intrinsic sweetness is more than enough for me, but feel free to add some Cap Super Sweet or try some Fa Marshmallow.

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Please remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the present, mixing is the future 😊

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