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Created By: cam9535
Added On: 03/31/23
Published On: 03/31/23
Updated On: 03/31/23

Strawberry Cheesecake heavy on the berry 🍓

using the base from eyemsams pineapple cheesecake also used in THE key lime pie by dippinndabbin

Just an all around great cheesecake base 🤙

You can sub FW Yogurt at 1.5% for SSA if you don't have it

I swapped PUR for JF because it's what I have/use. Feel free to use JF or even TFAs at maybe 2% if you have neither

JF with two 🐐 strawberries 🍓

Maybe start with half their percentages if you don't want it heavy on the berry and play with it from there

Good to go off the shake should be best at 7 days max

.5% CAP SS for me on this one

God bless ✝️🗣️

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Flavoring Ingredients

INWYes, We Cheesecake 3
JFStrawberry Sweet 1.5
JFUltimate Strawberry 2
PURCheesecake Graham 1.5
SSASweet Yogurt 2
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:10%