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Created By: Lynda_Marie
Added On: 03/28/23
Published On: 03/28/23
Updated On: 04/01/23

After realizing I’d never tested nor used Egg yolk WF and trying it for the first time in DavidN2KL’s secret cake base from last nights Noted dx recipe week, I wanted to try it in a custard. So wanting to go for an all WF’s recipe, I’ve simply taken vanilla custard and egg yolk as the base of the custard, added some cookie butter for a dark, dense buttery bakery paired with caramel butter, Ive added butterscotch cream pie for a smooth vanilla forward butterscotch. Creme brulee cookie is in here to mainly add body and also an additional darker caramel boost. (MAINLY BODY)..

Day 5 this is a wonderfully creamy, rich butterscotch custard with the custard and butterscotch Up front and the caramel and cookie butter filling it in and the Creme brulee cookie adds a bit of depth to the whole mix. I’m sure as this steeps out it’ll just get more rich and custardy. WF vanilla custard is a much shorter steep than cap or even TPA. I’m definitely enjoying this as I hope you will too.

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Flavoring Ingredients

WFButterscotch Cream Pie 2.5
WFCaramel Butter 1.5
WFCookie Butter SC 1
WFCrème Brûlée Cookie SC 1.5
WFEgg Yolk SC 0.5
WFVanilla Custard SC 3
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:10%