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Created By: Funes
Added On: 03/28/23
Published On: 03/28/23
Updated On: 03/28/23

Hello...this is my suggestion for cereal with milk and honey. To explain that the recipe is as I had it in my mind... to have enough of a dry cereal feel and the feeling of milk not to lag behind, without it being a vanilla cream but something more liquid... something like a cream of milk, but not heavy or as much as possible to have a fluidity, remaining at the end that feeling of milk that MALTED MILK leaves, giving an additional feeling of malt to the cereals. Cereals are quite satisfactory...maybe with a little pyrazine to give it something more but I avoided it as I covered myself with GRAHAM (FW). I liked the feeling of milk and it stays on the palate. I used BAVARIAN (FW) as I think it has a more milky feel and I kept it at this percentage because I didn't want it to become a thicker cream. The honey is of course optional...if the milk sensation is not included, it is even more realistic. Many thanks in advance to ATF for the space and to anyone involved for any highlighting. I hope you enjoy it!

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