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Created By: Primopup
Added On: 03/24/23
Published On: 03/24/23
Updated On: 03/24/23

A beautifully mixed Strawberry Watermelon. Perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer. On the inhale you can taste the Bold Sweet Strawberry's, and on the exhale a nice fizzy Sour Watermelon flavor. Wonder Flavors nailed the Sour Watermelon, and so does OneonOne Flavors with the Watermelon Fizzy Candy. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am, I am on my second 60ML bottle, it is yummy off the shake, I don't know how it is on a 7 day steep yet as it never lasts that long. I also added 0.3% of WS23 cooling to mine, however I left it out of the recipe as if you want to use it, feel free to add it as strong as you prefer, however the INW Cactus takes good care of keeping the juice saturated with flavor, and juiciness watermelon and strawberry. I tried using SSA Double Watermelon however at any percentage it just seemed to over take the strawberries instead of fussing everything together.. -----------------------------_ 70/30 VG-PG Vaped on a Cabeo RTA @25 watts-Clapton Coil 28/38 Nic was at 100%VG @6% Nic

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