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Created By: MrGrindtooth
Added On: 03/23/23
Published On: 03/23/23
Updated On: 03/28/23

This fresh wine is sold just as it begins to ferment. This means it has high-sugar, yet low-alcohol. It can be sold as soon as reaches 4 percent alcohol, although it continues to ferment and can reach 11% before being consumed. The wine is made by adding yeast to grapes which allows it to ferment rapidly. It is then left unfiltered for consumption.(

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Developed on entheon rda for dl vaping.

FLV Grape, Smoothie Base and Dragonfruit are blending nicely together as a grape must. FLV Brut Bubble Wine gives the perfect alcoholic undertone. Sweetener and it's level is optional.


SnV approved

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 1.5
FLVBrut Bubble Wine 1.5
FLVDragon Fruit 1
FLVGrape 2
FLVSmoothie Base 1.25
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:7.25%