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Created By: xorxornop
Added On: 03/13/23
Published On: 03/13/23
Updated On: 03/23/23


This doesn't really have any particular thing - like a fruit, or existing candy or other flavoured thing - that it's trying to emulate, it's more just a bunch of flavours that I like, used in a ratio that is pleasing to me - and hopefully also for others! This has been my most "unplanned" recipe I've made to date... I think it shows with the number of components it uses, haha. However, I have found that I really like it, having made and used about a half of a litre of it so far over the past 2 months!

It's got a kind of tropical taste, with no particular fruit coming to the foreground - unless you use this juice with something like an RDA, in which case the mango will tend to predominate, which I quite like. If you do so, the cooling from the WS-23 can become significant, it's quite a pleasant sensation as combined with the fizzy sensation from the REK Sparkling Mango!

Side note: if you don't have / can't get REK Sparkling Mango, you can probably swap it with some VT Fizzy Sherbert and bump up the TPA Philippine Mango. I'd try perhaps 2.5% fizzy + 2.5% mango (additional to pre-existing 3.0%... so 5.5% total), but this is just a guess. My Fizzy Sherbet hasn't arrived yet, otherwise I'd just check myself.

P.S.: increase the WS-23 if you can handle the cold - in my opinion it may significantly improve the flavour, as it seems to further enhance the fizziness 🤯 and make the individual fruits seperate out more on the exhale, somehow!

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