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Created By: nowar
Added On: 03/11/23
Published On: 03/11/23
Updated On: 03/19/23

I've been trying to make a mix with VT Coffee Liqueur for a long time. I have tried all manner of pairings and such to squeeze out some solid coffee out of it. I came to the conclusion that, despite how much I liked the coffee note in it, it just wasnt meant to hold up to being a "coffee" exclusive flavor, too soft to compete with the rougher coffee flavors. Once I tried the FM Coffee Tobacco as an SFT, I immediately knew this is what I wanted to pair it with. First I had FM Light in the 4 spot for bacco support. Good, a bit nutty, worked. I decided to give the Original a whirl. I felt that a more neutral bacco note would fill it out better. Initially this was just meant to be the beginnings of a more complex recipe yet this is perfect to me as is. The percents could probably be tweaked, certainly didnt start with a convenient 456. It just ended up being the combination that I felt hit that spot the best. A more complicated version is in the works, yet these types of simpler recipes are closer to my heart. So here ya go, ID, one more task for ya ;).

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Flavoring Ingredients

FMCoffee Tobacco 6
FMTobacco Original Flavour No. 37 4
VTCoffee Liqueur 5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:15%