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Created By: ShadowVapes6
Added On: 03/11/23
Published On: 03/11/23
Updated On: 04/26/23

I have a love/hate relationship with this one, it's the type of weird flavor that you dislike in the first few puffs but then you cannot stop vaping until you empty the bottle. I normally use this one when I'm done with really sweet flavors and need a small reset for my palate.

This is the first recipe I decided to publish so please give me all the feedback you can as I will really appreciate it.

Last thing is that this one can be vaped as SNV but it's better after 10 days.

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Flavoring Ingredients

TPAAcetyl Pyrazine 5% 0.25
TPATurkish 2
Conditioning Time: 10 Days Total Flavor:2.25%