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Created By: Technokasper
Added On: 03/09/23
Published On: 03/09/23
Updated On: 03/24/23

I wanted to showcase the great chocolate flavours from SSA and have created a few simple recipes for you.

A simple chocolate ice cream with few flavours. A neutral ice cream serves as the base to get the pure chocolate taste.

I recommend 0.75 % FW Sweetener. 1 % if you like it a little sweeter.

The ripening time is 2 weeks, but the longer it ripens the better.

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I was inspired by this great recipe: EGO #2 by Ego

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Flavoring Ingredients

SSAChocolate Mousse 2
SSAIce Cream 2
SSAMilkshake Dairy Type 1
Conditioning Time: 14 Days Total Flavor:5%