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Created By: chainvapor
Added On: 02/12/23
Published On: 02/12/23
Updated On: 02/13/23

I have really been craving a good Cinnamon recipe lately. Of course i also wanted something a little different. So here is what i came up with. A wonderful custard filled cinnamon churro.

The Churro (JF) and Cinnamon Donut (VTA) make up the base for this one.

Then the Cinnamon sugar was added to boost that profile a little.

Next for the filling we have some Custard Premium (FA) and Bavarian Cream (JF) which also helps to smooth things out a bit.

Lastly we sweeten with ultimate sweetener (JF). ( or your sweetener of choice )

This one is good off the shake but really comes together after a week or so.

Enjoy !

Happy Mixing and Happy Vaping! CV :)

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCinnamon Sugar 1.25
FACustard Premium 2.5
JFBavarian Cream 1.75
JFChurro 2
JFUltimate Sweetener 1
VTCinnamon Donut 3
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:11.5%