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Created By: MadeofMattR
Added On: 02/11/23
Published On: 02/11/23
Updated On: 02/11/23

This is a great ry4 that myself and those X smokers around me enjoy very much. I mix this at 16mg hybrid salt/ freebase to gain a bit of a throat hit. Where I reside we can only get 20% per ml nicotine. Highly recommend 100mg per ml if its a option and going to 20mg. Im not able to acheive that with my current bases

50%pg 50%vg

I was chasing a whole cigarette with this one. Vanilla Creamy notes on a strong Ry4 base. Followed up with a burnt cigarette from the cubanno. Can't recall the cubanno Tobacco I used. Or if it's FA vanilla Classic or possibly Moliberry. I will update when I make my next batch. Not much else to be said. Just a decent Tobacco vape that has been enjoyed greatly by me and mines figured I should share. It's helped many quit the tar and enjoy the " Momma raised a Quitter "

My favorite mtl recipe this year 2023 Plz try. Let me know what u think.

Steep 14 days min. Very important for best results . But is also decent as a shake n vape.

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Flavoring Ingredients

DFSHoly Holy Grail RY4 V2 6
FAMadagascar (Vanilla Classic) 1
FAMts Vape Wizard 2
TPACubano Type 1.5
TPARy4 Double 3
TPATobacco 2
Conditioning Time: 14 Days Total Flavor:15.5%