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Created By: cam9535
Added On: 02/08/23
Published On: 02/08/23
Updated On: 02/08/23

Wildberry Waffle 🫐🧇

LB Belgian Waffle because MB seems to be discontinued and I like the notes from it more sometimes anyway 😤 I think SSA has it on their site rebranded but they wanted me to buy 100mls so until I get that sorted out it's the OG's time to shine around here 🌟

PUR Simply Cake to back it up and a touch of FA Maple Syrup to bend the spice notes back to a waffle

FW Blueberry to get something down into the mix and blueberry waffle really is supreme

I love WF Blackberry Mora and when I went to pull raspberries God had Raspberry Jelly Bean just laying on top 🤝 I even went to buckin and knuckle tested it side by side with INW Shisha Raspberry. I haven't used it until now and I like what they're doing here together ⚡

SSA Vanilla Ice Cream and WF Vanilla Cream Extra are both great. I wanted a melted ice cream note 🍦 SSA doubles over with the butter for the waffle

We get tired of SSA Crisp Waffle but I'm sure it would be good here at around .2% if that's your thing

.5% SS for me

She's banging right off the shake imo but should be best at 7 days max.

God bless 🧇🫐🍬

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