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Created By: cam9535
Added On: 02/05/23
Published On: 02/05/23
Updated On: 02/05/23

Sweet tea with lemon and a touch of raspberry & mango 🍹

FLV Lemon Tea to backup an oh so weak TPA Sweet Tea ☕

FA Raspberry and FA Mango Indian Special are two 🐐s

.4% SS at least for me we like the tea sweet down here 🤠 .25% WS-23 don't go too cold it'll swallow up the tea.

TPA Sweet Tea might be the most delicate flavor in mixing- unfortunately you may want some fresh cotton for this one as it'll get lost.

Where's Cam? In the hammock he said leave him alone 🌴

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVLemon Tea 1
FABerryl (raspberry) 0.8
FAMango Indian Special 0.8
TPASweet Tea 12
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:14.6%