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Created By: Aromakonda
Added On: 08/07/22
Published On: 08/07/22
Updated On: 08/07/22

Basically there are only two times of the day: before the first coffee and after the first coffee.

Commercial coffee-tobacco creations were either too much dessert or too coffee-heavy for me and were always too little tobacco [dirty]. I just wanted a dirty coffee [tobacco].

Dirty Coffee [Tobacco] is exactly what I imagine a coffee tobacco to be. A balance between coffee and tasty tobaccos rounded off with slightly sweet and creamy nuances without it beats you up.

developed and tested in the

  • Arcana Mods/Pipeline Chariot RTA with 1.0 mm airflow pin and an Inowire 28GA coil with 2.5 mm inner diameter and 7 turns

as well as

  • Flash-e-Vapor 4.5s with DWA evaporation chamber inlay with 2 x 0.8mm airflow screws and an Inowire 28GA coil with 2.5mm inner diameter and 7 turns.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FACoco' (coconut) 0.3
FAMilk 0.5
INWTobacco Absolute Cuban Cigar 0.8
INWTobacco Burley 1
SSASweet Coffee 1.2
TPAKentucky Bourbon 0.8
WFAlmond Cookie SC 0.4
Conditioning Time: 17 Days Total Flavor:5%