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Created By: pirajah
Added On: 07/29/22
Published On: 07/29/22
Updated On: 07/30/22

“A delicious cream that gets better over time, but you'll want to vape more of it each time it gets better”

“Um creme delicioso que fica melhor com o passar do tempo, mas que você vai querer vaporar mais a cada vez que ele fica melhor”

After 2 years in the making, and inspired by the mix-off that brought us 2 wonderful custards.

We never get enough of it do we? we have to tweak and play with what's available... and you have to make a gallon of it after all.

Try around subs like: FLV pudding FLV Cream FA Custard FA Custard Premium

  • More Vanilla
  • Any Cookie or pastry, especially FA ZEPPOLA

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