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Created By: sorteal
Added On: 02/20/22
Published On: 02/25/22
Updated On: 03/03/22

I found a recipe (food) called Angel Toffee Dessert and made some for my wife and I. It was made of torn angel food cake mixed with whipped cream, cool whip and crushed skor bars. We loved the dessert so naturally I wanted to make a vape of it.

English Toffee by VT and SSA Toffee are by far my favorite toffee flavors so they had to go in here.

WF Angel Cake by itself required too much to really come across and at that level it tasted too much like an actual cake recipe as opposed to a dessert recipe with some angel food cake in it. So I lowered the percentage and added a touch of JF Yellow Cake to push it up in the mix a bit.

WF French Vanilla Thick was my whipped cream replacement because I don't think any solo whipped cream would have done the trick and I didn't want to layer several of them in this. Plus, it adds a creamy body to the mix that my first couple tests lacked.

FE Milk Chocolate worked for the small chocolate coating that was strewn throughout the actual recipe.

Finally, FA Vienna Cream was my replacement for cool whip and whipped cream mixture. When paired with WF French Vanilla Thick it added a very nice creamy note to the whole thing with great taste and just about the perfect body.

Overall this recipe is pretty light but that's how the dessert comes across as well so I didn't want to thicken or beef it up too much. Feel free to sweeten this one however you like. I usually use 0.5% FLV Sweetness.

I highly recommend trying the actual dessert recipe and of course this one here 😋. I hope everyone enjoys this!

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Flavoring Ingredients

FEMilk Chocolate 1.5
FAVienna Cream 2
JFYellow Cake 1
SSAToffee 1.5
VTEnglish Toffee 1.75
WFAngel Cake SC 2
WFFrench Vanilla (Thick) 1.5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:11.25%