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Created By: LonesomeRhodesTN
Added On: 02/19/22
Published On: 02/20/22
Updated On: 02/15/23

Going back to the days of King's Crest Duchess, I've been enamored by the tres leches profile. Trying all of the clones, I was impressed but still wanted to create my own. I've tried countless times, hence the infinity symbol. What I've landed on is a full, cream-drenched decadent cake flavor. The cake itself is a variation on a previous release (and numerous unreleased recipes). It starts with OOO Cake (Yellow), MB Classic Sponge, and CHF Sponge Cake (which brings a little AP to add the graininess) with the addition of FA Vanilla Cookie and, in particular, CAP Custard Cake, to bridge the cream and cake layers. Custard Premium brings a buttery richness to bolster the milk and creams of Hangsen Cream, VT Milk Fresh, and SSA Clotted Cream. WF Vanilla Cream Extra adds the vanilla to all the layers while helping to build the full mouth feel. FW Sweetener to bring it all home. As is the norm lately, it's a ton of flavors and higher percentage. May not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is definitely mine. I mixed it 70/30 and vaped it the next day (mainly because I fell asleep before I could give it a go). If you mix it, I hope you enjoy it.

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