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Created By: TakeMeToTheSea
Added On: 02/09/22
Published On: 02/12/22
Updated On: 08/09/23

7/24/21 Tiki John's Rum Runner made in Islamorada, Florida Keys (Pronounced 'EYE-la-morada') The original authentic rum runner was first made in the early 70's by a bartender named Tiki John whose cocktail became famous when it became the featured drink at the Tiki Bar at the Holiday Isle Resort in Islamorada, Florida Keys. It is the official drink of the Conch Republic. The original authentic ingredients are Bacardi 151 rum, creme de banana, blackberry brandy, Rose's lime juice and Giroux grenadine syrup blended as a frozen concoction (or on the rocks if preferred). It is always topped off with a Bacardi 151 floater, lime wedge and cherry. Over the years many adapted it and removed the Rose's lime juice and replaced it with orange and pineapple juices no doubt to make it more palatable to a new crowd who preferred a more Mai Tai or Rum Punch and nothing like a Rum Runner. I tended bar there in 1978.

For the eliquid version I watched all of the Noted series dealing with each ingredient that the folks on there tested. I bought the flavors a couple months ago and began playing with percentages while using the ELR flavor list as a guideline and then tweaked where I needed to. The hardest part was getting a good Rose's lime juice flavor. The real thing is syrupy, sweet and tart...NOT bitter. Also, authentic grenadine is made from pomegranate, not cherry.

I tried using a bit of Polar Blast hoping to create a colder slushy vibe to it, but it distorted the overall flavor & feel and decided to go without it. On a whim I thought I'd try Fizzy Sherbet and it seems to add a slight chill or bright note to the syrupiness of the limes and grenadine so I kept it in the recipe. Overall I'm able to taste each of all the flavors, so for myself at least I believe that the recipe is balanced. It tastes and smells like an authentic Rum Runner. The only thing left to add is an authentic Key West sunset celebration on Duval St.

As always, sweeten to taste.

Thank-you to DEVELOPED site, Discord group and videos for DIY info, help and discussion.

Innokin Ajax tank - Plex 3D Mesh Coil 0.16 ohm - 75W (DL)

Innokin Kroma Z - Z Coil 0.30 ohm - 35W (RDL)

Smok Nord 2 - RPM Mesh Coil 0.4 ohm - 23W (RDL)

Mood music while mixing - Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett


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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 1
FLVLime 0.6
FWBlackberry 4
FAJamaica Special (jamaica Rhum) 1.5
FAPomegranate 1.25
TPABanana Cream 4.25
VTFizzy Sherbet 1
VTPersian Lime 2
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:15.6%