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Created By: Mindfloodz
Added On: 02/09/22
Published On: 02/09/22
Updated On: 05/08/23

I haven't done a whole lot with the toffee flavors I've been holding onto for a while now. I've used them here and there but had yet to create a full on toffee recipe. After watching Noted's recent Toffee episode I felt inspired to whip one up.

My main toffee ice cream base consists of LB Vanilla Ice Cream and Vape Train's Toffee Ice Cream. I backed up the vanilla in the LB VIC with SSA Borneo Vanilla. I used English Toffee to lend itself to the VT Toffee IC and help boost the American toffee flavor I was going for in the ice cream layer. I used the new SSA Honeycomb crumble at 0.75% as I find when used too high it turns into sugar cone/toasted waffle cone over 1.5%. At 1.5% and under you get a really nice Honeycomb Toffee. I only needed a little here and it goes a long way. Mixed with the INW Creme Brulee and the WF Butterscotch pie, it gives me the toffee chunks I was looking for to add to this mix. I topped it off with 1% FW sweetener. Let this one steep at the very least overnight. A week steep would be highly beneficial

Tested on the Mongrel RDA with a quad core fused clapton 30/40g 4mmID @ 0.46 ohms

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