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Created By: El_Vaperino
Added On: 02/07/22
Published On: 02/07/22
Updated On: 05/08/23

Sicily 900AD, more precisely the city of Caltanissetta. Only thing, it wasn’t called that back then, but Kalt El Nissa, - “women’s castle.”

I recline and imagine a harem, glorious dusky concubines languidly awaiting their master and beloved, possibly stroking one another (I'm a Pervy fucker), possibly lining their eyes with kohl to make themselves even more desirable. Yet, those warm Sicilian afternoons were tedious sometimes, and so they took a fancy for cooking. As a feminist I find this whole story rather offensive!

But yep, cooking. In the harem’s kitchen, they stumbled on a ridiculously filthy dessert for their prince, a dessert so rich and delicious it could only be compared to him - it was of course Cannolo Siciliano.

Shaped like the Masters cock and oozing with a creamy dirt, wonder where they got that idea from... Dirty, dirty girls!

So I set out to try calipitter chow... I thought peanut m&ms, I thought extra cream I thought fried dirt. The picture is the closest I can find to represent what this cacophony of debauchery tastes like. It's filth pure and simple. Calipitter brings peanuts and dirt, the oba and powdered sugar gives the candy shells, the cream filling is thick and unctous, and of course the joker brings cannoli. At these percentages it's filthy creamy caramel nutty candy first and cannoli in the back but you could play around as everything works wonderfully together. Good after a few days then just sings after a few weeks. It's sweet as without any additional sweetener so I personally wouldnt add any more.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FAOba Oba 3
FAPazzo Burlone (Joker) 2
MPVCalipitter Chow 4.6
OOOPowdered Sugar 1.8
WFCream Filling SC 1.8
Conditioning Time: 10 Days Total Flavor:13.2%