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Created By: duncanyoyo1
Added On: 02/07/22
Published On: 06/10/23
Updated On: 06/10/23
black tea








Not a lot to say here, this is a ginger mint tea.

Yes, there are quite a few ingredients, but they are all necessary for a nice cohesive mix.

I think most of the choices should speak for themselves.

SC Black Tea is a wonderful black tea flavor with a lot of earthy tannin notes. Very authentic to a nicely brewed black tea. INW Shisha Vanilla to add some creamy body. PUR Butter Mint and SSA Garden Mint to fill out the natural mint you'd expect with a tea. The SSA brings a nice green leafy vibe with it, and the PUR is just a nice peppermint that's not overpowering.

VT Ginger Root and NF Ginger make up the ginger here, and it's more like tea brewed with ginger than tea with ginger in it.

CNV Lemon to bring some subtle citrus notes.

and FW Sweetener, because I like my tea sweet.

This recipe really needs to steep at least a week in my opinion. The Ginger and Mint needs a little time to be at its best. But I have a bottle that's months old and is still great if not even better.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CNVLemon 1
FWSweetener 0.5
FATea Black Water Soluble 1.5
INWShisha Vanilla 1
NFGinger 0.5
PURButter Mint 3
SSAGarden Mint 2
SCBlack Tea 0.75
VTGinger Root 1.25
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:11.5%