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Created By: EyeMSam
Added On: 02/06/22
Published On: 02/06/22
Updated On: 02/25/22

Boysenberry Creme Brulee

Drop it like it's Hot I need to do some more fruit mixes..... but i can't stop playing with bakeries.

Got this idea from a JOINT lol yes the Magical kind. Not like the joint itself inspired me to make this, it was literally called "boysenberry creme brulee" lol


Boysenberry layer is simple, VSO for basey n authentic n clean, wf for the jammy sticky delicious top notes.

Inside the treat is wf vanilla custard, backed n made a lil richer with the inw custard and inw creme brulee to bridge and tie everything together.

Ooo burnt sugar + vta hard crack toffee, kept low, worked wonderfully to bring me that exact hard crack burnt sugar topping i wanted.

Give this a few days steep to blend, creams to thicken up, the coffee notes from the vta to tame down and meld all in.

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