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Created By: VapeBoar
Added On: 02/04/22
Published On: 02/04/22
Updated On: 02/04/22

A deeply delicious, decadent blueberry donut. If you've ever eaten a Tim Hortons blueberry donut, this is exactly that!

The blueberries aren't fresh, but instead a slight candied or baked feel to them. The dough is clearly fried, and the donut has a slightly sweet glaze over the top.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPNew York Cheesecake 3
FWBlueberry 3
FABilberry 0.3
FAJoy 2
TBVRick's Sugar Daddy 1.3
TPABlueberry (extra) 2
WFGlazed Donut SC 2.5
WFRum Baba SC 1.5
Conditioning Time: 14 Days Total Flavor:15.6%