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Created By: SteveTC
Added On: 02/03/22
Published On: 02/03/22
Updated On: 02/18/22

CAP Cantaloupe with UP, Nut Mix, and Torrone from FA could tempt to give this a short remarkable four-letter recipe name even beating a popular recipe name for Strawberry-Apple-Watermelon by length. But please, do not abbreviate. Mix and enjoy. Build yourself an opinion.

I enjoyed Developed. I value the hard work of all the team providing so much valuable insight on the featured flavor profiles and recipes, just for going over to the next week without resting.

Thank you for these great 3 years and see you next time!

This recipe is about CAP Cantaloupe, yes, a cantaloupe, but also a flavor for the people, sometimes the missing flavor. Or just sticking to your RDA as Folkart mentioned. You can taste what you imagine, sweetness, creaminess, fruitiness, and mouthfeel. This is one of the flavors where ten reviews provide twenty angles on it and even more opinions. And one of the flavors where everybody can agree that this is an essential flavor to have even not being the greatest representation of a cantaloupe.

Is this flavor strong enough to resist being taken over from the UP, a strong coffee cake supported from the nuttiness of the Nut Mix followed by the throaty Torrone nougat? That’s a phalanx of strong FA flavors surrounding the creaminess of the cantaloupe and risking to turn it into a very dark and harsh mix with burnt coffee notes. This required keeping the percentages low, but I wanted it to be noted in the profile.

The outcome was after some iterations surprisingly pleasant. I get a sweet mild fruity cantaloupe on the inhale going over into a slight nutty cake with a hint of coffee cream with a creamy exhale leaving a surprising nougat mouthfeel which I didn’t see coming but is a pleasant aftertaste of the creaminess.

This is a more impressionistic impression of what a cantaloupe can bring to your mix and not a four-letter name recipe.

So please, do not abbreviate. Just mix and enjoy.

Derived from See you next time! by SteveTC

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCantaloupe 3
FANut Mix 0.1
FATorrone 0.5
FAUP (coffee) 0.25
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:3.85%