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Created By: sorteal
Added On: 01/31/22
Published On: 02/20/22
Updated On: 02/22/22

I'm not a big tobacco flavors fan. There's a couple I could vape if I had no other option but for the most part I avoid the profile and own hardly any tobacco flavorings. The only exceptions are SOHO, RY4 and RY4 Double but none of these I would really call a tobacco flavor, more like tobacco accented flavors.

For this recipe I wanted to try to make an RY4 recipe for people who don't usually enjoy tobacco flavors. RY4 Double is so good everyone should try it even if tobaccos aren't your thing.

I usually stick to pretty simple 2 or 3 ingredient bangers when it comes to TFA RY4 Double but recently I've found myself wanting to try something a bit more layered and complex with it. To me, there are only so many ways you can go with RY4's and they usually involve enhancing the caramel and vanilla notes already present in the flavor. This being my first attempt at a more complex (relative to what I usually do) RY4 recipe I figured I would basically stick to that formula.

I also get a bit of a nutty note to RY4 Double that's sort of mixed into the tobacco flavor. So I definitely wanted to enhance that a bit. I tried WF Roasted Hazelnut in my first batch but surprisingly it didn't work too well. I finally tried TFA Toasted Almond and enjoyed what it added to the mix.

For the caramel I went with the old tried and true FW Caramel (Salted). It and TFA Caramel Original are about the only caramel specific flavors I regularly use. I felt like FW would work better here than TFA.

To pump up the vanilla note in RY4 Double I chose WF Vanilla Cream Extra. Enough said really because it's the best vanilla cream flavor out there (I don't completely think of INW Shisha Vanilla as a vanilla cream).

I wanted to add something to help make the caramel a bit more creamy and help boost the vanilla cream some so I went with FE Oak Milk. The woody note in Oak Milk also pairs well with RY4 Double.

Finally I wanted something else in the mix that went well with caramel and RY4 so I chose FA Butterscotch. It adds a sweetness almost like a dark honey to the mix.

I'm really surprised by how good this turned out. I was not expecting much, if I'm honest, but I'm glad it came out so well. It's a creamy and caramel heavy RY4 that has a nice nutty note to it. I hope you enjoy.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FEOak Milk 2
FWCaramel (salted) 2
FAButterscotch 1.25
TPARy4 Double 4
TPAToasted Almond 1
WFVanilla Cream Extra SC 1.5
Conditioning Time: 10 Days Total Flavor:11.75%