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Created By: 316VAPES
Added On: 12/22/21
Published On: 12/22/21
Updated On: 12/22/21

Who doesn't love Trix. It has been fun the last 7 months trying to get this right. That mouth watering taste of Trix. I have tried a lot of different flavours to make this and failed. The milk base i used really gives it a rounded backend taste. There has been a lot put into this and this must be steeped for some time. After two weeks the cream notes will be dominate. After 3 weeks the Trix profile starts to show up. After 1 month it is almost there. After 6 weeks we have finally arrived at what you are looking for. Can you sub? Im sure you could sub the cream and the milk and sugar cookie but nothing else. But the %’s will be vastly different. This does not need sweetener so don't add it or the whole profile go south trust me on this. I know this, I finally have exactly what i wanted from a Trix vape.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCereal 27 0.7
FWFruity Flakes 0.8
FACream Fresh 1
FAMeringue 0.6
RFMilk – SC 2.25
RFSugar Cookie – SC 0.6
TPASilly Rabbit Cereal 8.75
VTSugar Cane 1.75
Conditioning Time: 45 Days Total Flavor:16.45%