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Created By: mikelovell
Added On: 12/18/21
Published On: 12/18/21
Updated On: 12/18/21

My first attempt at a favourite teatime biscuit in the UK: the lemon cream. I was looking for something more biscuity than tart and this hits the spot. Feel free to lower the FA Lemon Sicily to 2% if you prefer a more subtle, background citrus or up it to 4% if you're a fan of furniture polish. You can also remove the 1% CAP Sugar Cookie V1 and up the TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) to 5% for a slightly less sugary mix. Can be SAV'd, although this benefits greatly from a 3-day steep, shaking at regular intervals. Mixed at 50/50 for a MTL mix, however I see no reason why this wouldn't work at varying PG/VG ratios at either end. Subtle, simple, moreish.

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