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Created By: Dave80
Added On: 12/18/21
Published On: 12/18/21
Updated On: 05/08/23

A very simple and tasty special tobacco. The 555 is so good. It's good after 10 days, it is getting excellent after 21-28 days! Enjoy 🙂

Can be a great base too, feel free to play with it 😉 Edit: it happened again, appearently there is a commercial ejuice with the same name, so again, it got nothing to do with that, i never taste it (i didn't know till now). 16.03.22 I tested it with JF RY4 and it's great too. D@ve💫

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVRed Burley 0.7
FACustard Premium 2
INW555 Gold 3
TPARy4 Double 4
Conditioning Time: 21 Days Total Flavor:9.7%