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Created By: anawfulwizard
Added On: 12/13/21
Published On: 01/12/22
Updated On: 01/12/22

"Formless protoplasm able to mock and reflect all forms and organs and processes - viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells - rubbery fifteen-foot spheroids infinitely plastic and ductile - slaves of suggestion, builders of cities - more and more sullen, more and more intelligent, more and more amphibious, more and more imitative! Great God! What madness made even those blasphemous Old Ones willing to use and carve such things?" - At the Mountains of Madness

a gruesome amalgamate of dark licorice and brooding berries that rend you mad with incomprehensible horror, oozing with sweet and syrupy vibrance just begging to engulf your mind and assimilate your body.

not a whole lot of notes for this one, but it tasted so good i had to show it off. originally planned to be a simple 1-2-3 licorice with sweet currant to entice those on the licorice fence with an easy mix, but 3% sweet currant makes it a bit rough to vape and it lacked the depth i found in it with the addition of wf blackberry. so, less simple, with a lesser known flavor (albeit a really damn good one), with the tradeoff being an incredibly better mix? ill take it.

the amazing @Kittybit licorice combo of CAP/FA is absolutely one of my favorite things to vape and play with right now, and to me is so eerily similar to eating an actual licorice candy that i may never need to eat actual licorice again.

CAP sweet currant has a soft spot in my heart for being so damn delicious, and everything it does well shines here without much need for explanation. you know what it is, bitch. the violently red currant even sits nicely on top, and performs well as essentially the entire top note.

WF mora (blackberry) is fantastic, another one of my favorite flavors, and you should pick this up if you dont own it already. it isnt very bright or very realistic, but man is it packed full of goopy blackberry goodness. not quite jammy, not quite syrupy, not quite candy, its a little hard to pin down to a certain aspect and adds a layer of complexity and confusion when it settles in between the licorice and currant.

personally i can vape this until the cows come home, its full flavored and full bodied without even trying. everythings sweet enough to eschew sweeteners, unless you are some sugar-lipped degenerate who doesnt care about the geneva convention, in which case just dont use CAP super sweet because according to the great and powerful @Kittybit it ruins licorice. not a SnV, WF mora and CAP sweet currant both take a few days to settle in and bloom. give it a shot! what do you have to lose, besides your sanity?

I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPLicorice 2
CAPSweet Currant 2.5
FABlack Touch (licorice Plus) 1
WFMora (Blackberry) 1.5
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:7%