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Created By: Mindfloodz
Added On: 12/10/21
Published On: 12/10/21
Updated On: 05/08/23

I've been really into FA Doughnut Crispy and I figured why not mix a donut base with FA Doughnut Crispy and FA Pandoro. I knew the FA Pandoro would fill out the recipe as I needed it to by toning down the spiciness of the FA Doughnut Crispy with it's unique creamy cake flavor and punching up fruit fillings with the hint of lemon it has. The combo of Doughnut Crispy and Pandoro left me with a really decent donut base with the addition of WF glazed donut. I used a good amount of OOO Powdered sugar (1.5%) to really give you that powdered sugar lips feeling on the after taste and exhale. I used cap super sweet at .75% to really sweeten things up like a jelly donut would be. Jelly donuts tend to be sickeningly sweet and I made no exception here. Try a Jelly filling below or throw one of your own favorites into this base. The raspberry is my personal fav

Raspberry Jelly Base (MY Favorite) : 1% FLV Red Raspberry and 1.5% INW Shisha Raspberry with the addition of 1.25% MB Pink Raspberry to candy up the other raspberries . (Inspired by Wolfwheeler's "Saito's" Raspberry Jelly base)

Blueberry Jelly : 2% FW Blueberry, 2% WF Blueberry Jam

Strawberry Jelly: 1.5% OOO Strawberry Jam, 2% TFA Strawberry Ripe, 1% MB Apricot 1% CNV Strawberry

Or just fill it with cream if you don't feel like jelly - 2% TFA Bavarian cream, 1.5% WF Vanilla cream extra

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.75
FADoughnut Crispy 2
FAPandoro 1
OOOPowdered Sugar 1.5
WFGlazed Donut SC 2
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:7.25%