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Created By: Salsa09
Added On: 12/10/21
Published On: 12/10/21
Updated On: 04/17/22

This is my take on this popular profile, and it’s a very tasty variant imho. The recipe works well as a Mtl as well 💨💨💨💨

🍑Peach Gummy (Flavorah), Peach Gummy Candy (SC) (WF) and Ripe Peach (SSA) This combination works great as a candy style gummy peach and here it’s the dominant flavor and makes the base

🎂Sweet Cream (FW) for mouthfeel and sweetness

Sweet and Sour Rhubarb (SC) (WF) For a bit of tartness and helping the sour notes that’s needed in this type of candy vape, at this percentage you don’t taste the rhubarb. First I wasn’t sure I’ll needed this, but I’ll think it has its place and make the recipe better. If you don’t have this flavor, try sub it with ex. Powerful sour or maybe FA raspberry at 0.5%

🍭Marshmallow (Candy) (SC) (WF) for fuller body and rounding out some harsh nots in other flavors, ads some sweetness to the mix as well

🍋Sour Lemon (VTA) Just a squeeze to brighten up the peaches and making the total vape more vibrant and enjoyable.

And lastly Super sweet (CAP) maybe you don’t need it? Adjust for your own preferences

You can SnV this, but the mix really comes to live after 3-5 days

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