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Created By: Azzer
Added On: 12/07/21
Published On: 12/07/21
Updated On: 02/17/22

Only this time, some made by some unpopular twat. That said, I've made a lot of strawberry and cream recipes during my time mixing. I'm not entirely strawberry blind but I tend to find using old school concentrates I get flavour for a few draws and then it tastes of nothing. TPA, FA, JF & CAP all do the same regardless of whether it's sweet or ripe and so on. So much love to Sobucky for coming up with new strawberries I can actually taste and are marginally on the fresher side of the usual nesquick crap.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.75
SSADouble Cream 1.5
SSAPremium Strawberry 2.5
SSAStrong Strawberry 1
SSAWhipped Cream 1.5
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:7.25%