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Created By: k3ff
Added On: 12/05/21
Published On: 12/05/21
Updated On: 03/14/22

the reason I started mixing was because i wanted to make endless of anarchist white and marshmallow man 3. im not there yet. with some help from anotherbigbatch on instagram I think something is right. tried all marshmallows. and i think TPA marshmallow is the best. Sugar Cookie v2 is optional. Just add more Sugar cookie v1 :) also if you like 80VG you can use 1.5 Super sweet. or more If you think you have the OG recipe plz share. I like this recipe anyway.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPFrench Vanilla 2
CAPGraham Cracker V2 3
CAPSugar Cookie 3
CAPSugar Cookie V2 1
CAPSuper Sweet 1
CAPSweet Cream 2
TPAMarshmallow 4
Conditioning Time: 12 Days Total Flavor:16%