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Created By: TepidMilk
Added On: 05/11/21
Published On: 05/11/21
Updated On: 05/08/23

This is a profile I adore. Banana, biscuit, toffee.. whats not to love? My partner is a baker and she made me the most amazing personalized banoffee pie with extra extra bass bass, biscuit base, buttery biscuit base. It was phenomenal, and the way she used lots of fresh cream with the banana sooo perfectly. I wanted this pie to live on in my memory forever.. or.. my RDA.

Its a banoffee guys, nothing ground breaking, but its lovely if I do say so myself, and nicely balanced with the banana and cream being upfront and the biscuit making its appearance on the exhale. Wonder Flavours cream filling is absolutely perfect for this mix, such a brilliant cream! At 2 percent VT English Toffee really sits back and just compliments the other flavours on the main stage, and WF Flapper Pie adds an overall pie "vibe"" to the mix tying everything together and giving it more context.

I find the use of Winder Flavours makes the mix very sweet so I skip on sweetener in the recipe, but if you want it extra sweet maybe add no more than a 1/4 percent or it will become very cloying.

The VTA Banana custard is great, and much much better after a 3-4 day steep, but you can shake and vape this for the most part. Also another note of VTA Banana custard is that if you add sweetener to it it tends to stay artificial for longer in my experience, but without it feels more like a natural banana sits nicely atop bit of aul pie!

This being my first ATF recipe, unfortunately not my first public recipe as i posted some of my first mixes that steeped in to a vinegar.. but mixing is making more sense to me now with practice and better flavours in my stash.

Testing notes- Citadel RDA with a single Flat 22 guage Ni80 clapton [outside being 38 guage] 0.28 ohms at 70 to 80 watts.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FACustard Premium 2
FAMeringue 0.5
JFBiscuit 1
VTBanana Custard 3
VTEnglish Toffee 2
WFCream Filling SC 1.5
WFFlapper Pie SC 3
Conditioning Time: 4 Days Total Flavor:13%