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Created By: RUG_ly
Added On: 05/04/21
Published On: 05/04/21
Updated On: 11/23/21

If this is the first time you’re looking at one of my recipes thank you so much for checking me out. These recipes are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. All of the flavors in this recipe are from a limited list of 26 ingredients. Check out my YouTube channel for lots more recipes!

Just Peachy is just like bowl of ripe juicy peaches drowned in rich thick sweet cream.

For the Peach note we’re going to start with 2% of WF Peach Pie and Cream. It’s a sweet kind of cooked syrupy peach flavor. It’s really basey and thick. I love it! We’re going to add a little WF Peach Gummy candy to king of bring some of that texture back. You know we want ripe peaches, a little texture when you bite into them.

For the cream note we’re going to get crazy. Starting with 3% of WF Orange Cream. This flavor is kind of the lynch pin of this recipe. It has a really thick cream note that’s divine and the orange is perfect for building layering the peach over. Last we’re going to top off the cream in this recipe with 1% CAP NY Cheesecake. Just a super thick multi purpose dairy note down low and it does wonders for the texture.

Sweeten to Taste.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPNew York Cheesecake 1
WFOrange Cream 3
WFPeach Gummy Candy SC 1
WFPeach Pie & Cream 2
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:7%